Why catalystSIX? |

it’s all about making a difference. It’s about driving for success and taking the steps that will get you there. We believe there are six key elements that will drive your brand  marketing forward.

We believe if you build a plan always thinking about these six elements, then success will follow. Why six…OK so we live in Toronto, the city affectionately known as “The Six”


We optimize your marketing with these values in the forefront


We’d like to see what you are doing now, so we begin with a short survey of your sales and marketing practices. This will help us chart a course unique to your business needs amplifying the best possible results.

The Plan

We love helping businesses get started. And we’re here to train, explain and even manage or execute your marketing plan if that’s what you want. Frankly, we quickly feel like we’re staff when we take on your business. Better yet – we feel ownership.


We’re that company that pitches in when you’re not quite big enough to have your own marketing department, or you need a specific project thought out and implemented. Try us, you’ll like us!